söndag 28 september 2014

http://bible.com/r/G1.Q Jag har precis avslutat dag 26 i läsplanen "Thirty-One Truths: Who I Am in Christ" från YouVersion:


Jews and Gentiles were once separated. But now as the Jew and the Gentile both approach God through Jesus Christ, there is unity between them.

READ: Ephesians 2:14-15

READ: Romans 3:29-30 and Romans 15:1-12

Being united in the body of Christ means that old hostilities due to different backgrounds must be laid aside. We are one in Christ; He is our peace. In Christ, how can you walk in unity with all believers? What are some ways you can reach out to another believer of a different background to express the unity we have in Christ?

WRONG THINKING: It’s us verses them.

RIGHT THINKING: Christ has torn down the walls between people of different backgrounds. This person who is different from me is my brother in Christ.